Deze workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven

When: To be announced
Time: 19:30 untill 21:30
Cost: € 25,00

Experience the power of vibration, and the positive feeling mantra-s can bring in this fun workshop for pregnant beauties !
It is an opportunity to find your own voice and sound, and connect with this on a deeper level; your inner voice and intuition. Chanting during pregnancy can help to activate certain qualities within you, has a positive influence on the breath and can be very healthy and soothing for your baby.
Feeling confident in movement and sound, and expressing yourself freely will be a great benefit during the birth of your baby, so we will explore the power of Mantra in very gentle yoga poses and soft movements.
Also we will learn simple but valuable relaxation and meditation techniques that you can apply at any moment in your pregnancy or during labour.

♥ You don’t need experience in yoga or singing to join this workshop and have fun! I’m not such a good singer myself, but making sound and reciting mantra gave me a very strong focus and connection to my baby in both pregnancy and birth. I am looking forward to share with you and your little belly baby.

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