HypnoBirthing is a relaxed and stress-free way to give birth, based on the belief that all babies should be born in an atmosphere of warmth, calm, and joy. If the mother is physically, mentally and spiritually well-prepared for childbirth, she can bring her baby into the world with confidence and comfort.

The ‘Hypno’ in HypnoBirthing stands for hypnosis – self-hypnosis. This does not mean that you are subjected to the will of another or unaware of what is happening, as seen on TV. On the contrary, you learn to bring yourself into an ultimate state of relaxation, regardless of where you are, in deep focus but fully conscious. In this state, you can release limiting beliefs and fears and replace them with thoughts that strengthen your confidence.

What is covered in the course
During this practical prenatal course, you gain insight into the physiology of birth and how you can relax your body and mind by trusitng the natural birthing process. You learn simple techniques to achieve this state of deep relaxation, wherever you are, and how your partner can support you in this – your partner can be your husband, wife, girlfriend, mother, doula, etc.
Other topics are:

• Looking forward to childbirth with confidence
• Effective breathing techniques for both daily life and childbirth
• How your partner can play an important role in pregnancy and during the birth of your baby
• Positions for childbirth
• Insight in the Dutch Healthcare system
• How to create a birthplan and communicate with your careprovider
• Many practical tips, applicable at home and in the hospital

The course exists of 5 sessions of 2.5 hours each. In between, you practice the techniques at home so you can fully embrace the philosophy.

Group course €325.00 per couple
Private course or Refresher course €95.00 per session of 2 hours (inquire about the possibilities).

this includes:
• Five course sessions led by a certified HypnoBirthing course instructor
• Support via email or phone before, during, and after the course
• The original HypnoBirthing® book by Marie F. Mongan (English)
• Original HypnoBirthing® audio files
• All course materials (scripts and handouts)
• 20% discount on Strong Mama private sessions (send an email and receive your unique discount code)

Check with your health insurance if there are possibilities to get part of the course reimbursed. Companies such as Achmea, Univé, CZ, and VGZ reimburse part of the course! The HypnoBirthing® course is given throughout the year. Send me an email if you want to be kept informed of new course dates.

Next HypnoBirthing® course in English will start on Monday 19th of August!

Time:19:00 to 21:30

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