Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga classes COMING SOON!

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or have never practiced a yoga pose, prenatal yoga can provide a deep sense of calm during the ebbs and flows of pregnancy. Yoga strengthens, refines, and stabilizes your body, your breathing, and your mind. You learn to consciously listen to your body and connect with your baby.

In prenatal yoga classes, we focus on various topics:

• Pranayama ~ Breathing Techniques

Breathing is the bridge between your mind, your body, and baby. Deep and calm breathing can help release tension from all parts of your body. During childbirth, breathing can help you stay focused, calm, and energized.

• Asana ~ Poses

We do not use the body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into the body.
Challenging yoga poses that improve your posture and condition. Practicing Asana can help you feel comfortable in your changing body, so you can move lightly and confidently. We will practice positions for managing contractions and birthing positions.

• Dhyana ~ Meditation
When the Mind is clear you can see all the way To the Heart
Through simple techniques, you learn to focus attention and become aware of the connection between body and mind. You learn to witness your own feelings and not be distracted by bodily reactions, but to remain connected to your baby and breathing.

• Yama & Niyama ~ SelfCare

The attitude we take towards situations and people outside ourselves is Yama; how we relate to our inner selves is Niyama. Both largely concern how we use our energy in relation to others and ourselves. We delve deeper into massage techniques, nutrition, pushing techniques, and postpartum care. In the partner class and in the One-Day course, you learn how your partner can support you during pregnancy and childbirth.

You can participate in the classes from 16 weeks of pregnancy. If in doubt, always consult your midwife or healthcare provider to see if yoga is suitable for you.

Eva du Bois
Single class / Trial class €15.00
€65.00 for a 5-class card
€120.00 for a 10-class card